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Session structure

The initial couple of sessions with you, I will provide with a thorough understanding of your particular situation, and establish what you are hoping to gain from therapy.

I will discuss and record your presenting problems, your case history, covering such as aspects as you as your early family ( of origin) life, work and medical history. We will diagnose your life’s issues as they related to your body and mind observations made of your body structure and your perceived early life history as related to Reichian Characterology.

In the meeting with you I will identify specific blocks in your life from the comparisons made between the historical profile and observations made related to your body structure and posture.

Those sessions enable me to formulate a therapy plan with you, where mutual agreement is made on the steps, objectives and goals required from the therapy. A course of action is negotiated between you and me.

In a typical session, I would ask what has happened since the last session, how you are feeling and how those emotions show up in your body.

I will show you certain grounding exersices, posture and breathwork which would help centre and ground you more in the present moment. I place a strong emphasis on paying attention to your body sensations, images or emotions that manifest in the sessions.


Depending on your presenting issues, I would generally see you 1,5 hour every two weeks. In most cases I recommend you to book in for minimum of 5 sessions. Some clients get immediate benefit and realisation from attending the first session. In other cases, it may take a little longer for your bodymind therapy techniques to take effect and for you to feel change and benefit.

After the first session, you can decide whether you wish to continue or not.

Short term therapy may last only a few months but for more depth self discovery it is likely to last for a couple of years.

Privacy and confidentiality

I conduct my practice in a safe, ethical, non- judgemental and respectful manner. I observe strictly confidentiality in line with professional ethical standards set for Lichaamgerichte Therapeuten, of SBLP, www.SBLP.nl