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Energetic Body Mind Therapy

Connecting with yourself and with you body: you are your body (Alexander Lowen)

Energetic bodymind therapy is an experiential and expressive way of therapy which draws on the conventional wisdom of modern psychology and bodymind sciences. It is a comprehensive holistic approach to restore welness and integration to the whole person on all interconnected levels- body-mind- emotions and spirit.

The approach of body mind therapy is based on the understanding that our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves are integral aspects of a unified whole.

The therapy process goes beyond talk to include an awareness how feelings and life experiences are held and manifest in the body. These manifestations can be seen as muscular patterns that effect how we perceive, feel, move, breath, think and express ourselves.

The therapy addresses the body and the mind as working in unison, with the overall objective of achieving physical and emotional health. This therapy is an evolutionary process as well as being a therapy, providing a path to emotional awareness and development, so that one can realise their full potential. The concept of therapy generally is that it is used to deal with crises, whereas an evolutionary process relates to the journey of life. 

My path of personal growth is designed to support you in opening up to your potential for being more in touch with, and expressing yourself from the authentic core of your being. Leading to more contentment, fulfilment, clarity, resilience and personal power in your life.

The old patterns

The psychological defenses such as, denials, suppressions and rationalizations that one uses to manage stress and pain of life, are anchored in the body as chronic muscular tensions that inhibit breath, distort posture and impede the free flow of life energy.

In the therapy I am helping you focus your attention to your unique holding patterns as support them in gradually exploring the underlying emotional terrain, and beginning to relaese tight muscules through expended movement, deeper breathing and emotional expression.

In this process, normally uncovers beliefs, experiences and emotions which have been repressed since childhood, and starts to understand that habitual defenses manifested in the body as muscular tensions and in the mind as self- limiting beliefs were once a recipe for survival in an early non supportive enviroment. In present life as an adult, however, these same physical and mental defenses inhibit a capacity for joy, sadness, sensuality, love, pleasure and healty anger.

Through bodywork, analysis, and the experience of a safe, supportive and healty connection with the therapist, you can gradually:

  • Experience more pleasure and relate to self, others in more open and satisfying ways;
  • Gain a greater awareness and understanding of old patterns of action and reaction;
  • Increase their capacity to tolarate and resolve old pain, conflicts or trauma;
  • Become able to tolerate more freedom and power in their emotional and physcial expression of feelings.

I offer therapy for individualscouples, adolescents and families.