Becoming Who You Are...

... with Connection as a Base

Children are accustomed to rapidly changing emotions. They do not cling to them. But the older we get, the greater the chance that we're somehow get stuck. Would you like to get rid of this, then physical therapy can make a significant contribution. Here I have developed a complementary vision. I believe in connection. Connect with yourself, connect with others, with the people around you and the world. Whoever lives that way, discovers his own potential, needs and boundaries, in solidarity and that of the other.

Bodymind approach

The bodymind approach is based on the understanding that our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves are integral aspects of a unified whole.

Therefore I believe in a therapy process that goes beyond talk and includes an awareness of how feelings and life experiences are held and manifested in the body. These manifestations can be seen as muscular patterns that effect how we perceive, feel, move, think and express ourselves.

The psychological defenses like rationalizations, denials and suppressions one uses to handle pain and the stress of life, are anchored in the body as chronic muscular tensions that inhibit breath, distort posture and impede the free flow of life energy.

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